How to manage facebook deals

Facebook has officially launched Facebook deals. After reading their "how to" guide for businesses. MobManager is going to be a great solution to manage facebook deals. According to facebook's own rules and guidelines...

Prepare for scale
Deals that are to be run across multiple store locations require more advanced planning because you’ll need to create the same deal for each individual Facebook Place. In addition, advanced preparation gives you time to properly communicate the logistics and redemption terms with different store locations and employees.

Our 2 cents...Mobmanager is a real time redemption platform that can work with an unlimited qty of store locations to manage the same deal eliminating any issues with fraud and reducing labor.

Cover the logistics
A clear process for tracking your deal. Customers will claim
their deal by showing you their phone screen. Let employees
know how to record claimed deals. For example, you can
track deal usage by crossing claim numbers off a list.

Our 2 cents...mobmanager can record in real time the data along with track ROI if they customer spent money above the "deal" terms.

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